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Lower Back Pain


When you're dealing with excruciating and ongoing lower back pain, look no further than Bighorn Mountain Chiropractic and Acupuncture for all of your healing needs. Our treatments have helped hundreds of patients who experience the debilitating effects of inflammation of the body and spinal alignment that's out of whack. Our Sheridan chiropractor recommends, guides, treats, heals, and protects your overall wellness by locating the source of the pain and healing it from the inside out.


Evaluation of the pain is key for Dr. Corey Jones and his skilled staff. Under their caring and professional hands, every aspect of your lower back pain will go through a series of wellness treatments that restore and rejuvenate your daily activities to be energized and pain-free.

How we treat lower back pain symptoms

That stabbing, burning, and throbbing pain in your spine is a surefire bet you're suffering from either chronic lower back pain or a trauma-induced incident that's leaving you with an inability to function in your normal daily life.

Once you sense something is amiss in your lower back, an appointment with our Sheridan chiropractor is the first step. He will diagnose, take x-rays, and channel you towards the proper protocol treatments with chiropractic care. There is no magic pill, yet with our signature healing modalities, we can revive your natural lifestyle function and give you peace of mind that your body is working harmoniously in alignment.

Oftentimes, education about your lower back pain is a quality process that allows our team to go to work. We provide the following healing treatments that can have you walking, sleeping, and working without pain:

  • Sciatica treatment - The largest nerve in the body can also be the most affected when sitting too long, having poor posture, or succumbing to nutritional deficiencies.
  • Acupuncture - Our gentle procedure involves careful insertion of light needles into meridians that interact with each other to restore homeostasis to pain centers.
  • Dry needling - A therapeutic session that involves healing areas of the body not directly involved in the pain center, but activating trigger points that can inflame the lower back pain.
  • Physical therapy and exercise rehabilitation - A customized plan for each individual is given based on working and active lifestyle management. 
  • Functional medicine - The whole body reaps the benefits of this comprehensive approach that involves dietary considerations, ergonomic flow and function, and wear-and-tear on the body over the long run.

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Don't wait for the pain to worsen over time. Contact our compassionate front desk staff and allow yourself to be treated and healed with optimal wellness plans. Your lower back deserves the best!

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